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Dick's Sporting Goods
(239) 433-0216
10011 Gulf Center Drive
Fort Myers, FL
Trost International Limited Inc
(239) 992-3030
25501 Trost Boulevard
Bonita Springs, FL
Bonita Bike & Baby
(239) 947-6377
27241 Bay Landing Drive
Bonita Springs, FL
Bonita Lake Resort
(239) 992-2481
26325 Old 41 Road
Bonita Springs, FL
Engel`s Bicycles International
(239) 498-9913
27310 Old 41 Road
Bonita Springs, FL
B & L Auto Repair
(239) 992-0437
27880 Industrial Street
Bonita Springs, FL
Lime Tree Park
(239) 947-0880
244 Limetree Park Drive
Bonita Springs, FL
Custom Hitch & Trailer
(239) 949-1516
25400 Old 41 Road
Bonita Springs, FL
Imperial Bonita Estates
(239) 992-0511
27700 Bourbonniere Drive
Bonita Springs, FL
Bonita Beach Trailer Park Cooperative Inc
(239) 498-1605
27800 Meadowlark Lane
Bonita Springs, FL

Tune Your Bow For Broadheads

The author prefers a drop-away rest because the arrow fletchings do not touch the rest as the arrow is moving. He also says that it is very important to make sure your broadheads are perfectly straight, with the blades aligned the same on every arrow.

One of the most common questions hunters ask me is, "How do I get broadheads to shoot straight?" Harvesting a mature whitetail is challenging enough without complicating the process with arrows that fail to hit where they are aimed. Nearly 50 years ago, I began bowhunting for whitetails. During the early years, I encountered frustration with broadheads that wouldn't fly perfectly. As time, equipment and my knowledge moved forward, so did my accuracy. I found that a well-tuned bow would shoot broadheads with the same success as target points.

Many hunters have discovered that a bow that executes target points accurately may not shoot broadheads with the same results. A hunting bow should be tuned to the arrows and broadheads that you are going to use in the field. Always tune the bow with target points of the same weight as the broadheads.

The arrow rest is a critical part of a successfully tuned bow. Most of the arrow rests on today's market will work for hunting. The one you select must allow good vane clearance, with a fairly low nocking point when the arrow is released. If the vane makes contact with the rest, it is impossible to get a good tune. The drop-away rest is my ...

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