Hunting Ammunition Baltimore MD

If you are hunting deer or other prey, you need firearms such as shotguns, single or double-barreled muzzle loading rifles and centerfire revolvers or centerfire single-shot handguns. You also need ammunition, such as bottleneck centerfire cartridges or soft point or expanding bullets. Read on to learn more information on hunting ammunition in Baltimore.

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Hot New Trends in Ammo

Hornady’s .308
Marlin Express

Chemistry and geometry come together in the .308 Marlin Express, which offers devastating long-range performance along with high-tech propellants, optimized case geometry and a highly refined 160-grain Evolution bullet. The .308 Marlin Express is an extension of Hornady’s LEVERevolution line and combines Hornady’s revolutionary FlexTip technology with a profile similar to match bullets. New technology in the jacket/core construction offers extraordinary expansion, deep penetration and high weight retention. Combined with the most advanced propellants that deliver exceptional velocity at conventional pressure, the .308 Marlin Express is the pinnacle of performance from a .30-caliber lever gun cartridge, all with less recoil than the .308 Winchester. Visit .

Lightfield Hybred
EXP Slugs

Lightfield Ammunition’s Hybred EXP slug system is available in 20 gauge and 12 gauge, with the 385-grain 20-gauge slug launching at 1,502 fps with 1,929 ft/lbs of energy, and the 546-grain 12-gauge slug launching at 1,454 fps with 2564 ft/lbs of energy. The Lightfield Hybred EXP (Maximum Expansion) cartridge projectile has a two-sided sabot that keys to four tabs on the slug itself. When the shell is fired, the pressure pushes the wad forward, locking the slug and sabot together, and forces the locked sabot/slug assembly to expand to the full barrel diameter and spin together as one unit. Just like a badminton birdie, the lighter wad, or “shuttlecock,” stays attached to the slug while in flight, giving the projectile stability while supersonic and prevents shockwave deflection when the projectile becomes subsonic. Upon impact, the maximum expansion of the soft lead slug (essentially a .62-caliber bullet in 12 gauge) produces devastatingly lethal results. Visit

UltraMag Power
Level Ammunition

For 2007, Remington has made the flattest-shooting, hardest-hitting .30 caliber in history into the world’s most versatile cartridge. New Power Level Ammunition allows you to incrementally tailor the performance of your rifle and ammunition to match your intended game species and hunting range, similar to the way shotgunners use 2 3/4-inch, 3-inch and 3 1/2-inch loads. The point of impact between Power Level loads stays within 2 inches out to 200 yards, so you’ll have little to no scope adjustment when changing Power Levels. Power Level 1 performs identi...

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Whitetail Gear: Deer Ammunition

Whether you're shooting a new deer gun this fall or simply want to boost the performance of one you've hunted with for years, there are some great loads available.

Thanks to its extremely high ballistic coefficient, the SST saboted muzzleloader bullet from Hornady is a flat shooter.

By Layne Simpson

Regardless of which firearm you use for whitetails, some company somewhere has the exact load you are looking for.

Here are some exciting items now at your local dealer:

A lead core bonded to a thick jacket makes the InterBond bullet from Hornady an excellent choice for shooting deer at close range in wooded terrain or at long range in more open country. Many rifles shoot it quite accurately as well.

Handloaders have six options: .270 in 130-grain; 7mm in 139-grain; .338 in 225-grain; and .30 caliber in 150-, 165- and 180-grain. But you don't have to reload in order to enjoy Inter-Bond performance. It is available in Hornady Custom amm in 7mm Rem. Mag.; .30-06; .300 Win. Mag.; and .300 Weatherby Mag.

Light Magnum and Heavy Magnum ammo from Hornady make small cartridges perform like big ones. The .308 Win. 150-grain Light Magnum load, for example, is rated at a velocity of 3000 feet per second (fps), which is faster than standard-velocity loadings of the .30-06 with the same bullet weight. The 150-grain Light Magnum loading of the .30-06 moves out at 3100 fps.

Light/Heavy Magnum loadings are available in those cartridges, as w...

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