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Rex Tv
(662) 329-4274
2406 Highway 45 N
Columbus, MS
Audio Advantage
(662) 328-4500
1920 Highway 45 N
Columbus, MS
Sears Electronics
(662) 241-7922
1404 Old Aberdeen Rd
Columbus, MS
Radio Shack
(662) 327-5824
1404 Old Aberdeen Rd Ste 15
Columbus, MS
Hooper's Stereo & Video
(662) 329-1007
2010 Highway 45 N
Columbus, MS
Parker Appliance & Furniture
(662) 328-7055
126 5th St S
Columbus, MS
Image Concepts Incorporated
(662) 240-0496
49 Beatty Rd
Columbus, MS
Baber's Tax Service
(662) 329-2076
1928 Military Rd
Columbus, MS
(662) 245-0240
803 Alabama St
Columbus, MS
Industrial Electronic Service
(662) 244-5969
2813 14th Ave N
Columbus, MS

Filming Your Hunt

One thing you should be using constantly is the manual focus. No exceptions! Finally, I love using Lumenok arrow nocks when I'm filming. A lighted nock helps you see the impact of the shot, and the "mystical flight of the arrow" looks even cooler when it's glowing! Check your state's regulations to make sure they are legal.

Filming your own hunt is easiest when deer are on a strict feeding pattern, like in early or late season. At this time, deer are more apt to be using trails and moving at a slower pace, compared to the rut. November can be a challenge when trying to self-film. It's very difficult trying to keep a big buck in the frame while he's chasing a doe, let alone trying to get an arrow in him at the same time.

Decoys can help tremendously at this time of the year. They also help keep a buck's attention off you while you're moving around in the tree like a one-man production team. Mock scrapes and strategically placed lures can also help to slow down a deer sometimes. However, my best advice during the rut is to hire a cameraman! ...

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