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Olympus Trading Co Inc
5240 Port Royal Rd Suite 215
Springfield, VA
Grenadier Precision Ltd Co
7200 G 1 Fullerton Rd
Springfield, VA
John'S Antiques
6021 Greeley Blvd
Springfield, VA
3602 Tristan Ct
Annandale, VA
Mike'S Gun Shop
7130-A Little River Turnpike
Annandale, VA
7200-G Fullerton Rd
Springfield, VA
Steve Crandall Associates
8110 Dabney Ave
Springfield, VA
Holman Boiler Repair & Plumbing
7101A Wimsatt Rd
Springfield, VA
Laikin, Edward Charles
8834 Stark Rd
Annandale, VA
Specialty Systems Services
7253 B Maple Pl
Annandale, VA

Whitetail Gear: Scopes & Binoculars

Better optics mean more effective, more enjoyable hunting. These new products will give your eyes some welcome help.

Nighthunter XP binoculars from Steiner feature bright optics and rugged construction to perform in the woods.

By Dick Metcalf

You aren't likely to hit the target you can't see. Fortunately, the fast-moving field of optics is helping whitetail hunters see more, farther and under worse conditions than ever.

This year brings a variety of entirely new products, as well as additional refinements to existing tools, from all leading manufacturers in all categories. Here is an overview of some great new binoculars, rangefinders and scopes:

Today, 8-10X magnification in compact, mid-sized binoculars is as popular as 6-7X a decade back, due to lens advances that make a 10x40mm or even a 10x32mm binocular as bright and clear as a 7X used to be. Premium manufacturers as Steiner now offer glasses that give edge-of-daylight image quality as good as that provided by much larger previous-generation binoculars.

Nighthunter binocular glass is coated with Steiner's exclusive "HD" -- "High Definition" -- broadband lens coating. An advanced baffle system virtually eliminates internal stray light, making the binocular brighter than others in its class. Plus, the new XP models have Steiner's one-time Auto-Focus system. Once the Nighthunter is adjusted for your eye, all subjects are in full focus from about 20 yards to infinity (sl...

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