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Arundel Pawn
7427 Baltimore & Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, MD
A & D Pawn Shop Inc
(410) 766-7357
706 N Crain Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD
Scharf Enterprises Inc
231 Thelma Ave
Glen Burnie, MD
Stg Works
108 Holsum Way Ste D-2
Glen Burnie, MD
Dick'S Sporting Goods Inc
Glen Burnie Mall 6711 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD
Practical Solutions
108 Holsum Way
Glen Burnie, MD
Stock Shop, The
400 Irene Dr
Glen Burnie, MD
Ottos Police Supply
(410) 760-9092
514 Crain Hwy North Suite I
Glen Burnie, MD
B & A Pawn
7609 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, MD
Select Fire Inc
(410) 768-3473
115 Holsum Way
Glen Burnie, MD

Finding The Perfect Bullet

The key to proper whitetail bullet selection is to balance penetration and expansion in a whitetail-size target.

It all boils down to the bullet. No matter what cartridge you choose or how accurate your gun, the only thing that actually impacts your quarry and brings it down is the bullet.

Today's ammunition for whitetail-appropriate cartridges offer a wide and often confusing array of bullet options and types, all claimed by their manufacturers to be "ideal" whitetail choices. Fortunately, most of them actually are. But at the same time, these various bullets also differ greatly in their design, impact characteristics, expansion and weight retention, and an intelligent understanding of their differences is a great aid in making a choice that will provide the results you need no matter what kind of shot you may find yourself confronting.

Compared to larger game animals, whitetails are relatively easy to kill. Their muscle density, bone mass, and overall body weight and dimensions are in fact very similar to those of a human being. It is no accident that many of our traditionally most popular whitetail cartridges derived from military rounds like the 7mm Mauser, .308 Winchester, or .30-06, and their many offshoots. However, traditional military-type non-expanding full-metal jacket bullets are not appropriate for hunting because they cause little organ damage and tend to fully penetrate, leaving a very small wound channel. The...

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